Things to consider when buying a towbar

If you are looking to install a towbar into your car, you should make sure that that you get the right one, so that it befits you the most. There are different towbars for different car models. It also depends on the carrying load of the towing vehicle. So make sure that you have considered all the things before making your purchase. Getting a car specific towbar can increase the overall cost, however, in the long run; they will prove to be a very wise investment. Given below are the three major types of towbars that are available at tow bar Auckland.

  • Flange

Using a flange means that the towball will be fixed to the towbar with a bolt. The towbar will also be fixed and visible at all times. Flanges are comparatively cheaper when compared to other types of towbars.

  • Swan neck

A swan neck towbar will have the towball arranged on the neck of the towbar. This will have its reach till the bottom of the vehicle and will remain visible at all times. When it comes to the aesthetic aspect, a swan neck looks far better than the flange.

  • Detachable

You can also use detachable towbars. These can be handier if you are frequently going to attach and detach the towbars. You could also find them easier to remove if the trailers are blocking the visibility of the license plate. In fact, detachable towbars are the most popular and very convenient. They can be easily removed when the vehicle is not being towed anymore. Such towbars lend and artistic touch to your vehicles without reducing the efficiency and reliability.

Fitting options

After you have made the Auckland towbars purchases, you should consider fitting options. Different vehicles require different alterations so as to have the towbars fitted properly. The fitting process you to have the necessary electrical kits exclusively meant for towbar installation. Some Companies also do not allow alterations if your vehicle is within the warranty period. In case the process tampers with the mechanism or the electrical system of the car, your dealership may sign you off. In that case, you will be required to yield some paperwork. Also if your vehicle is brand new, you may have to repair the vehicle later as installing towbars usually means drilling holes into the bumper.

To be on the safer side, you can hire skilled technicians do handle the task for you. This will ensure that there are no damages to the vehicle and the towbar also get fitted in the right fashion. When you are hiring, the costs usually depend on

  • The model of the vehicle. The towbars required for the vehicles of one single company is not going to be the same. You may even need different towbars for the same models released over different years.
  • The type of towbar to be used
  • The electrical option that is to be fitted with the towbar.

It could also be more helpful if you hire the Auckland towbars technicians before you decide on your purchases, they have a better idea about the working and could recommend the best one that perfectly suits your needs. When it comes to the electrics, you can go for 7 pins, 13 pins, and 12n/12s. a socket adapter will help you fit the 13 pin plug into a 7 pin socket and vice versa. For convenience, you could use the help of Auckland towbars during installation.