Real Estate – Staging to Win the Eye of the Buyer and the Sale!


Over the time the presentation has become an important part of real estate selling. And to add some more spice to it, people are going more often with the real estate staging which has now become one of the important factors if you want to sell your home. Well, but before you go for it, you will need to go for a bit of research that might help you in the long run. There are quite a few questions to be asked before you start with:

What is the perfect time to go for real estate staging? Well, there isn’t any specific time, but there are certain situations where staging your home might offer you some extra benefit. At the time when the realtor is at your home to get info about your home, when you are taking photos of your home and when you are showing it to your probable buyers.

Photo shoot

Well, all these points are really important to remember but most of them all, photoshoot is the time when you will need to make your house look the best. Well, of course, you will need some expert to do this job for you. If you think you are good enough to decorate your home, you can do it, or else there are people who can help you out with the real estate staging plans.

Depending on the room you are shooting, you will need to adjust and this is very important that you understand this fact very well.


A clean and tidy kitchen is what a photographer will always appreciate. Another important part is that, keep things in its own place, this will make the kitchen a lot more spacious and make it look big too. Also, get an idea about how to decorate your room nicely to make it look even nicer than it actually looks.

Living room:

The basic thing is same for every room really. Make it look like more than what it is. Remove anything that is not necessary and make sure you use the light of the room properly to enhance the beauty of the room and your photographer should be able to get a nice photo of the room.

Bathroom and Bedrooms:

Well, this is a hard one to talk about really. It depends on the design of your bathroom. Still, you can add some decorative piece and necessary stuff. Put a nice big mirror and provide the necessary options within the reach.  The bedroom will be a bit different for sure. The design will be a lot different from any other room and there will be a lot of chances to decorate the room the way your seller would like to be. But do not go for any expensive methods or changes, best to go for some furniture movements and some casual changes. That should be the trick.

Once you are done with the real estate staging inside the room, you can start with the outside as well. It is always advisable to contact an expert for all these and make sure that the photos are really good and attractive to the buyers. So, get this done today and sell your home without any problem.