How to get your eyelashes to grow back?


Every woman desires that she looks simply stunning at all times and that too, effortlessly. After all, who would want to spend hours putting up a good makeup if one can look equally good without one? But everyone isn’t equally gifted and that is why you do need to put in some effort to look beautiful.

The same applies when you want to grow your eyelashes. There may be a plenty of reasons why you may need to grow your lashes. You may have scarce lashes since birth, they may have fallen off due to some disease or exposure to chemicals, they may have got burnt and so on.

Having fewer lashes is a nightmare to anyone who has to face the situation. They simply make your eyes look small and unimpressive and can mar your looks and style. So, growing them fast is quite essential.

Tips on how to successfully grow your lashes

  1. Avoid bad habits – Steer clear of all practices that may cause you to lose more lashes regularly. Avoid wearing chemical enriched mascara and liners and use only natural/safe products. Wash your eyes often so that no dirt and germs can cause further damage your lashes. When fewer follicles fall off, your lashes will automatically look fuller.
  2. Follow a healthy diet – If you often suffer from diseases and ill health, hair growth on your body is going to suffer badly. So, to ensure that your lashes grow back faster, you need to follow a diet plan that will not only make your body immune to diseases but also promote overall hair growth.
  3. Take supplements – Nowadays, a variety of supplements are available in the market that offer a good dosage of nutrients to people who do not get enough from the food that they consume. These multivitamin supplements need to be taken daily for the best results.
  4. Use OTC conditioners – Healthy eyelashes have lesser chances of falling off unnaturally. So, you can buy a lash conditioner of your choice daily to keep your lashes healthier and ensure that they look darker and fuller. However, you will need to wait several weeks before noticeable changes are seen.
  5. Use special mascaras – To help women fight scarce lashes problem while making them look good, a new type of mascara has been launched in the market. These products come with a lipid based conditioner that works at re-growing lashes while you wear your mascara.
  6. Talk to your doctor – If none of the above methods show any significant change and your eyelashes remain as scarce as ever, it is essential that you consult a physician who will able to determine the exact cause of the problem and suggest you a lash treatment that will help your lashes to grow thicker and fuller very quick. You may have to use it daily or frequently as suggested by the doctor and the lashes will start growing back normally.

So, if you have always felt embarrassed at the lack of fuller eyelashes, it is time to show the world that you are as beautiful as anyone.