Do You Need A Canterbury Electrician?

Sometimes, you may be drawn between saving cost by attempting an ill-advised DIY on electrical repairs and getting professional assistance by seeking out the services of trained electricians, but what you may not realize is the attendant risk associated with trying to fix these problems yourself.

Whether it is switchboard repair or power point installation; light installation or electrical rewiring; hot water installation or even a burnt fuse repair; it is important you seek out a professionally-trained electrician. It’s, however, noteworthy to understand what kind of electrical problems that would warrant hiring an electrician in Canterbury.


What Electrical Problems Need An Electrician?

There is a broad range of issues that would specifically need the services of an experienced Canterbury electrician. Whether it’s simply a general electrical maintenance or major fixes, you should never try to fix it; rather, get in touch with a professional.  If you experience one or more of the following electrical issues, it’s time to pick up the phone and call a professional electrician.

  • General electrical maintenance and installation of electrical gadgets
  • Switchboard problems
  • Power point damage
  • Electrical defects occasioned by poor weather such as floods, snowstorms, tides, or surges
  • Lighting issues
  • Electrical fires, that is, after the firefighters have promptly responded
  • Circuit Breaker maintenance and repairs
  • Safety switch problems
  • Electrical alarm concerns
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What Qualities Do I Look Out for In A Professional Canterbury Electrician?

When hiring a Canterbury electrician, you wouldn’t want to pay more for repeated repairs. A top-notch and suitably performed job is what anyone would desire. Consider watching out for the following when deciding to hire a Canterbury electrician.

  • Has a reputation for one-time fixes; which would save you more in the long term
  • Is reachable and can be accessed 24 hours a day via a service hotline
  • have an after-hours number so that they can support and fix faults after hours
  • Willing to assist even beyond only electrical areas
  • Show an understanding of both Health & Safety and emergency procedures
  • Demonstrates a hands-on, can-do attitude
  • Should possess one or more professional certifications such the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) or NAPIT
  • Is skilled and competent


What Can I Do in An Emergency?

Venturing to correct any electrical fault yourself is not the smartest move to make if you don’t have the required training. Never perform the repairs by yourself. Attempting to fix the problems yourself not only poses a grave risk on your part but can also put your family in the way of harm and injury. In the case of an emergency, try the following;

  • Avoid touching any surfaces, especially if wet or damp; this can pose a grave danger since wet surfaces can hold electrical charge
  • Find out if it’s a general electrical grid problem or if it’s just limited to your household
  • Call an emergency electrician immediately. Explain what problems you have encountered, and they’ll be able to provide help as soon as possible.